remove harmful trees pruning and trimming

Remove Unshapely and Potentially Harmful Trees with Tree Pruning & Trimming

How to Remove Harmful Trees through Pruning and Trimming

There are several reasons why people want to have their trees pruned or trimmed. The reasons for pruning and the reasons for trimming are a bit different.

The experts make pruning and trimming seem very easy. However, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye in both reason and technique.

What is Pruning and What is Trimming?

Pruning – Pruning is intentionally wounding a tree or shrub in order to cultivate a beautiful, healthy tree or shrub. It should only be performed when it is necessary and always in line with an established plan.

Trimming – Trimming is the intentional cutting away of limbs or shrubs to protect roofs, buildings, and other property from potential damage and harm. Shrubs can be trimmed below window lines to allow a full window view and shaped to create a more beautiful landscape. Trees can be trimmed to keep from falling onto structures or other important areas where they could cause harm.

Reasons to Prune or Trim

There are 6 main reasons for pruning trees and shrubs;

  1. To help the plant create a sturdy structure
  2. To control the size
  3. To create a special visual effect
  4. To minimize damage or injury that the plant could cause
  5. To increase the amount of fruit production from the plant
  6. To improve or maintain the health of the tree or shrub

Trees may be trimmed back to keep them off utility lines, roofs, and to let sunlight into specific areas of the property. Expert tree trimmers know the proper way to prune or trim trees as well as the right time to do it. Professional tree trimmers not only keep your trees and shrubs safe from harm but yourself as well.

How Pruning Helps Unhealthy Trees

There are times when pruning is the best method of treatment for unhealthy trees or shrubs. Once they are diagnosed with a disease like an arborvitae, fire blight, or tip blight, they need to have the infected branches pruned to keep the disease from spreading. A professional tree trimming service can reduce or even prevent airborne diseases like ‘powdery mildew’ by increasing the air circulation within the interior canopy of your tree. Pruning is also your best course of action in the event of a localized insect infestation like ‘scale’. All dead branches need to be removed to prevent any further spreading of the decay organisms into the living tissue of the tree.

Tree Structure

Aside from the health of your trees you also want them to develop the proper structure over the course of the year. When they’re pruned properly, they form a strong structure that’s much less likely to fail when under stress from heavy snows or high winds.

Some of the features of a good structure would include a dominant central leader that has proper spacing between its lateral branches. That means it has one main trunk as its centre without any branches competing to grow larger or taller in diameter. The side (lateral) branches need to be less than half of the diameter of the tree’s trunk, as well as space far apart vertically enough that they don’t grow so close together that they scrape against one another.

The Right Time

It’s nearly always best, that you prune or trim your trees during their dormant season. While you are technically able to prune them at any time it’s better to do it while they’re dormant. The exception to this rule is whenever a hazard exists.

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