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When looking for Landscaping Services, the two most important traits to look for is experience and versatility – someone who knows what they’re doing and can handle your project from start to finish. WA Luxury Landscaping has over 10 years in providing excellent service to their clients, and offer a large range of landscaping services including landscape design, paving installation, pool headers, feature wall construction, garden beds and grass and turf installation.

A sensational landscape can speak volumes about a house or organisation, and WA Luxury Landscaping devote time to getting the design right, ensuring your garden is a focal point for all the right reasons. A well designed front landscape or outdoor living area will completely match your house or business and way of life. Our team has experience in everything from cleverly designed yards and classy garden beds, to large, cleanly designed low maintenance corporate frontages, and we enjoy integrating comprehensive horticultural knowledge with our passion for imagination.

Landscaping Services Perth


Creating an outdoor space using paving has many advantages, including:

  • Styles and colours to suit any design
  • Easy installation, meaning low cost
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Versatile, safe and long lasting

Paving is one of our main specialities. We have access to a huge range of paving styles such as brick paving, travertine, limestone, granite, exposed aggregate, pool paving and much more. This can be provided in a huge range of colours, textures, shapes and sizes to suit your design and budget.

Pool Headers

Pool headers, also known as bull nosing, capping or coping will add a much-desired sense of luxury that concrete or fibreglass pool edgings just can’t match. Given the wonderful weather that we have here in Perth, you can expect your pool to be a high traffic area during summer. If you are going to spend your private and social time with friends and family by the pool, you need it to be functional, safe and inviting. WA Luxury Landscaping is ready to meet with you to discuss how to best add pool headers to your pool area and to make sure they meet the strict Australian Regulations as well as your design requirements.

Feature Walls

Done well, a feature wall can have a large impact on your garden design and impart a key aspect of the overall feel you are chasing. From limestone feature walls, to brick or block walls, modular and timber, our landscaping services cover a range of standard or custom designed feature walls. These can be as simple or as complexly decorative as you like. We offer a range of designs, construction methods and finishes. When combined with outstanding design and plant selection, a feature wall can be used to frame a large backyard, add direction and draw the eye to key features. It can also be used effectively to anchor your garden design around a specific theme. We offer a range of designs, construction methods and finishes.

Garden Beds

Garden beds are a great way to achieve thriving plants in your outdoor landscape, as they allow for better control of the planting environment. We can help you to design every facet of your garden bed, from the style to the location, to the plants you’ll grow in it. Whether you desire a garden bed full of vibrant flowers, an edible one with herbs and vegetables, or some low maintenance natives to add some height and texture to your outdoor landscape, we’ve got you covered.

Grass & Turf installation

Arguably, the best-looking houses on the street have a well looked after, green lawn free of patches and weeds. Lawns not only look great but can be a functional area for the kids to play and the adults to relax.

Both synthetic grass and natural turf have their advantages. Synthetic grass is a great low maintenance alternative to turf. It looks natural, is long lasting, can be used in areas where turf simply can’t grow and is one of the best water-saving choices you can make in your garden. A lush, green patch of turf not only looks great, it stays cool underfoot and can act as a natural filter to remove pollutants from the air. There are many different varieties available, each with their own benefits and our team can help you choose the right one for your outdoor space.

Our team are experts on grass and turf installation. They can consult with you on the right type of material for your space, ensure you have the right infrastructure such as reticulation/irrigation and can arrange planning approvals where required.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when considering a landscaping contractor. If you want someone with experience, skills and knowledge, who can handle the whole project from start to finish, WA Luxury landscaping is the right choice!

Providing second-to-none landscaping services to our clients.

WA Luxury Landscaping is a Landscaping Contractor located in Perth, Western Australia. If you’re looking for a Professional Landscaper, have a look at our Landscaping Services and contact Killian Murray for your Free Measure and Quote.

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