Pool headers, or otherwise known as Bull Nosing, Capping or Coping will add a much-desired sense of luxury and finish that concrete or fibre glass pool edgings just can’t match.

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WA Luxury Landscaping is ready to meet with you to discuss how to best add pool headers to your pool area and to make sure they meet the strict Australian Regulations as well as the design requirements you have for the area. Contact Killian and team today to find out more.

If you have a pool in Australia, then you can expect it to be a high traffic area at least part of the year. If you are going to spend your private and social time with friends and family in this area, you need it to be functional, safe and looking great.

How to choose your pool headers:

1. Choose by Size

If you have a large pool and pool area, there are a number of factors to consider that will impact your Pool Header Choices. Large tiles can enhance the sense of space, but may not suit your pool design, whereas smaller headers can suit almost any pool design, but can look cluttered. The converse is true in a small area. Smaller tiles can add a sense of detail and quality that would be missing when using a larger tile. To help you work out what is going to make your pool area look its best, be the safest and meet your design and budgetary requirements.

2. Choose by Era

If you own an older home, that has maintained its original styling, then the last thing you want is a modern pool area design that clashes. WA Luxury Landscaping can help you choose a simple and elegant solution that will tie this modern feature into your period home seamlessly. By contrast, pool area design can rapidly date and negatively impact on your modern and sleekly designed home. Make sure you give your pool area a facelift and speak with WA Luxury Landscaping about how to ensure your pool area remains up to date with your home or building.

3. Choose by Design

You may have a specific design in mind for your home or building, WA Luxury Landscaping can help you match your design to your pool area ensuring your paving, fencing and pool headers meet the strict Australian Standards whilst looking fantastic.

Our expert team will arrange a consultation with you and a site visit to take measurements, get a visual understanding of what is required to make it work and ensure you have the right infrastructure such as planning approvals where required.

Contact Killian at WA Luxury Landscaping today to arrange a consult.

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