Pool Headers

Pool headers—also known as bullnosing or pool coping/capping—provides function, safety and style to your pool.

It’s the essential capping that runs around the edge and acts to reduce the risk of injury. It also helps match the pool to the style of your outdoor area and even works as its own stand-out decorative feature.

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Pool headers bring a sense of style and an element of luxury that concrete pools and fibre glass pool edgings simply can’t match.

The WA Luxury Landscaping team are the specialists in designing pool headers that meet the strict standards of Australian regulations while exceeding the design expectations of pool-owners as well! Our consultants will meet with you to discuss options for superb looking, perfect functioning and completely safe pool coping.

What are pool headers?

Every residential swimming pool needs one. Also known as pool coping, capping or even bullnosing, they run around the edge of your pool and protect the structure of the pool itself. Think of it as the final addition to your swimming pool, to cap the whole thing off!

Pool headers are also very important as they reduce the risk of injury around your pool.

During the warmer months in WA, swimming pools are most certainly buzzing with activity and we don’t want anyone hurting themselves and missing out on the fun.

But where there’s a need for function, there’s also an opportunity for fashion. Your pool header is the perfect opportunity to add a style and visual flair to your pool area. They offer an opportunity to decorate a swimming pool, blend it seamlessly to match the rest of the outdoor area, or transform it into a luxurious resort-like area.

We offer several pool header styles:

Bullnose Pavers

This style has a rounded edge giving your pool a traditional look. Plus, with many colours, shapes and styles, there’s plenty of opportunity to customise your swimming pool just the way you like it.

Square Edged Pavers

These pavers come with a square edge (hence the name) and a number of natural stone colours. Choose your style and thickness for a unique look.
square edge paving services perth

Drop Down Face Coping

This design looks like it belongs in a tropical resort and sits with a lip just over the edge of the pool. It offers a look of seamless integration with the water and unrivalled luxury!
pool paving and coping services perth

If you’re not sure which of our styles suits your home, don’t worry: our team will help you choose the right one. And of course, our expert pavers and high-quality materials will ensure your pool keeps you happy every summer, as well as the months in between!

What are the advantages of pool headers over concrete and fibre glass pool edgings?

Pool headers offer a far more attractive and stylish look for the rim of your pool compared to concrete or fibre glass pool edgings. With a number of styles, colours and options, it’s easy to customise your swimming pool’s look.

They offer far more benefits than your average edging: they make the perfect step, pool seating and flower box edging. That’s right, pool headers aren’t just for pools! Unlike concrete edging, pool coping is laid as individual bricks of slabs, meaning any relaying or maintenance required is much easier (and cheaper) to do!

They’re also perfect for hot summer WA days because they stay cool, ensuring you and your children won’t burn your feet.

What are the style options for pool headers?

Your pool header should be the perfect cap for your pool in more ways than one. WA Luxury Landscaping provides multiple options, so you’re bound to find the perfect style to suit your swimming pool. Bullnose Pavers have a rounded edge and provides a more classic look. You can choose your colour, style and shape, so there’s still a lot of variety and customisation available.

Square-edged Pavers provide a more modern look and will fit perfectly with houses with a contemporary style. You can choose your preferred colour of natural stone and the thickness you’d like. Drop-down Face Coping has a lip that sits over the edge of your pool to create a visual of seamless integration with the water. This is the perfect choice if you’re going for Bali resort vibes.

The WA Landscaping team is here to help create beautiful outdoor spaces for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

So, if you’re ready to discuss creating your dream yard using our Pool Header services, get in touch with us today for a no obligations quote and consultation.

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