Garden Beds

The design of your garden bed can make or break the look, feel and appeal of your outdoor area.

A luxurious and meticulously designed garden will put your outdoor concerns to bed once and for all. Whether you prefer a simple style, a raised bed or a combination of both, we’re bound to find the magic garden that will work for you.

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Just about every Perth home has a garden bed, but only the luxurious boast one from the experts at WA Luxury Landscaping.

There’s more to your garden than meets the eye. Not only will we put together a design that’s decorative and beautiful, but your garden bed will also add a functional element to your property too!

Frame a large outdoor area, draw the eye to the features you want to emphasise, or simply reduce traffic noise, increase privacy and control the ambiance of your home.

Are you thinking of something subtle, low-lying and rambling? Or are you dreaming about something elegantly elevated across multiple tiers?

Our spectacular options include both standard and custom designs. Whatever you imagine. Simple and understated or complex and stunning. Have a chat to us and we’ll utilise our expert landscaping planning and perfectionist installation to ensure your investment leaves you in love for years to come.

What styles of garden beds are available?

Our team will bring to life the perfect garden bed to suit your preferences. Almost all our standard designs can be adapted to suit any outdoor space. You can also supply us with a design and we’ll work to apply the same style to your area. Need some other inspirational ideas? We’ve got you covered!
Want some more ideas? Or are you ready to take your project to the next level? Have a chat with us today.

What are the benefits of a raised garden bed?

Elevated garden beds are super popular and for good reason! So why should you consider one?

There are many benefits:

Getting started on your new garden bed.

A landscaping specialist from our expert and experienced team will consult with you about what you’re looking for. They’ll conduct a site visit to take measurements, check out the area and offer some tips and ideas.

This helps our team get a visual understanding to ensure we put in place the best design possible with the right infrastructure and reticulation/irrigation. Plus, if any planning approvals are required, we’ll make sure to advise you.

The designing process of a garden bed can feel overwhelming, but we’ll help you through every step of it without a hassle. We’ll make sure that you choose what looks the best and works the best. After all, we didn’t put the word “luxury” in our company name for nothing!