Garden beds are a staple in almost every Perth garden. From low lying, rambling gardens beds all the way to elevated, raised or multi-tiered garden beds that involve smart planning and installation to ensure you are getting the most value from your investment.

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For a more structured look to a garden, WA Luxury Landscaping can help with a range of standard or custom garden bed designs. These can be as simple or as complexly decorative as your imagination allows

Our designs are not just decorative, they’re a functional element to your property. When combined with outstanding design and plant selection a garden bed can be used to frame a large backyard, add direction and draw the eye to key features. It can also be used effectively to reduce road noise, adjust lighting and add privacy to a garden nook.

How To Choose Your Garden Bed Design:

1. Choose by Size

If you have a large back yard, large raised garden beds can help add a sense of symmetry and deliberate design or maybe you want help to add a sense of wild jungle and privacy. If you have a smaller yard or court yard, then raised and or tiered garden beds can help you add a sense of space and luxury whilst remaining size conscious with a small footprint maximising usable area.

2. Choose by Era

If you know the period or age of your home or office, and you want to install a garden bed that matches to the era or to recreate a certain look, we can assist you with designing a garden for you.

3. Choose by Design

Almost all of our standard garden designs can be adapted to suit the space you are working with. Or supply a design you like and WA Luxury Landscaping will do our best to make you what you want. If you are seeking assistance in deciding what is best, contact us today to arrange a time to speak with Killian to discuss your needs and they will happily provide you with their expert advice.

Our expert team will arrange a consult with you and a site visit to take measurements, get a visual understanding of what is required to make it work and ensure you have the right infrastructure such as reticulation / irrigation and planning approvals where required.

Contact WA Luxury Landscaping today to arrange a consult.

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