Landscape design is more than just planting trees in your yard. The landscape design experts, at WA Luxury Landscaping, know that landscaping is an art. It needs an acute understanding of how to utilise your space and light, the design functionality and implement features in your backyard. Let these experts teach how to design your own garden.

Homeowners who wish to do their own outdoor living space must learn the basic principles of landscape design. There are several techniques for creating an exceptional garden design. Those techniques come from these basic principles. Take a quick look at them here.

Basic Elements Of Landscape Design:

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The basic principles of landscape design take root from five key elements. These are the building blocks for carrying out the more advanced techniques. It is helpful for Perth homeowners to learn these concepts.


The colour theory plays an important role in every form of art. It adds life to a creative design. Bright colours make space look small and the objects close to the viewer. They make an item stand out among all other objects in the garden. If you want to draw attention to a specific area, then place bright-coloured flowers in that space. Cool colours do otherwise.


Every art piece has a shape. In landscape design, form refers to the shape of the plants in the garden. Trees come in different shapes. A landscape artist must take note of these shapes to create a harmonious garden design.


This is the most controllable among all the basic elements. You will see plants lined along paths and walkways. They create an interesting structure in your garden.


If form refers to the shape of plants, scale talks about its size. You must carefully choose those plants and trees making sure they fit perfectly in your yard. Each item must have the right size. The wrong size destroys the beauty of the design.


This refers to the surface quality of a plant. It usually involves the foliage of trees and shrubs. The herbage comes with a broad range of texture. They make a great impact on the overall appearance of your garden. Landscape artists must keep the textures balanced.

All landscape artists look to the five basic elements mentioned above when creating stunning garden designs. These elements influence the discipline of landscape design. They create the elemental principles of the art.

Fundamental Principles Of Landscape Design:

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You already know that landscape design is an art that demands discipline. To meet this discipline, you must follow certain rules. These rules are not laws but principles. They serve as guidelines for designing beautiful landscapes in your garden.


Keep them together. As in Aesop’s fable, united they stand and divided they fall. That sounds cliché but it holds a valuable lesson. All components of your garden must work together to create a beautiful design.


Leonardo da Vinci said it. Simplicity is the greatest sophistication. It is a basic principle in almost every art. Beginners should follow this guideline if they want an excellent landscape design.


Keeping the design balanced needs critical thinking. It involves all five basic elements of landscape design. The items must be proportionate to each other. Their colours and texture must also complement. You must systematically arrange the items creating a well-balanced appeal to your outdoor living space.


Most successful landscape design projects have a specific theme. The items are then arranged in a pattern that relates to this theme. This is rhythm. It simply means repeating like objects in a design.


If rhythm repeats similar items in your garden, transition spells a gradual change. It helps create a focal point for the overall design of your outdoor living space. It is a critical aspect of landscape design. Transitions must come naturally in every landscape design.

Knowing the meaning of these concepts is not enough to create a landscape design. You also need to learn how to use them. Professional Landscape Design is a mastered skill through years of experience. Taking advantage of a Landscaper who has a wealth of knowledge allows for a constant correct practice which means your backyard will be perfect.

This is not to undermine the homeowner’s skill. It is possible for them to do their own landscape design but it will be an arduous task. The process is quite complicated. One could easily go wrong in selecting the items to put in the garden.

It is difficult to keep up the balance among all the components of a landscape design. Some knowledge about plants may come in handy. Finding the right one can become confusing. You could end up wasting so much of your budget on the wrong items. It is better to get a professional landscaper.

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