Landscaping design for your new or recently renovated home or office can sometimes seem like a bit of an afterthought when you leaving it in hands of your builder or renovator.

The reality of landscaping design is a lot of home owners find themselves reinvesting money into their gardens within a decade of it being initially installed.

One reason for this is that there is often a tight deadline to meet for builders to hand over the keys and the landscaping design is compromised by stretched budgets and time constraints. This leads to poor execution of what is often a great design.

Never fear, whether you fit into this category, simply ready for a change or want the landscaping design done right the first time, come see us here at WA Luxury Landscaping for a fantastic design service to meet your budget.

How to Choose Your Design:

1. Choose by size

If you have a large back yard, there are a number of factors to consider that will impact your design choice. What percentage of your backyard is regularly shaded? What will the traffic on the look like Kids? Dogs? Cars parked on it? Water availability?

If you have a smaller back yard, then you are more likely to struggle with excess shade, but have less restrictions on water. What are your budget restrictions? Let WA Luxury Landscaping help you decide which design and features will best suit your area and budget, large or small.

All of these considerations and more will be addressed by our landscaping team to help you with the advice.

2. Choose by Era

If you know the period or age of your home or office, and you want to design your outdoor area that matches the overall aesthetic you are chasing, call WA Luxury Landscaping for a consult. Older Perth houses from the federation era regularly have fantastic lawn areas or topiary with complex paving designs which require high maintenance, alternatively your inner-city business or home with a small courtyard may want to consider a more modern design requiring minimal maintenance and maximum wear. Ultimately the decision is yours and we will offer the best advice possible.

3. Choose by Design

You may have a specific design in mind for your yard, if so, book a consult with WA Luxury Landscaping to ensure your dream can be made a reality. We will help you understand what is and isn’t possible based on limiting factors such as shade, reticulation, space and design limitations. We can suggest alterations to achieve your dream without leaving you with regrets down the path.

Our expert team will arrange a consult with you and a site visit to take measurements, get a visual understanding of what is required to make it work and ensure you have the right infrastructure such as reticulation / irrigation and planning approvals where required.

Contact WA Luxury Landscaping today to arrange a consult.


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