Feature Walls have been around for a long time and for good reason. Done well, a feature wall can have a large impact on your garden design and impart a key aspect of the overall feel you are chasing for your garden.

From limestone feature walls, to brick or block walls, modular and timber, we can help with a range of standard or custom designed feature walls. These can be as simple or as complexly decorative as you like. We offer a range of designs, construction methods and finishes.

Not just decorative, when combined with outstanding design and plant selection, a feature wall can be used to frame a large backyard, add direction and draw the eye to key features. It can also be used effectively to anchor your garden design around a specific theme.

How to choose your feature wall design:

Limestone Feature Walls

A natural stone, Limestone is incredibly strong and durable. The warm, neutral colour tone and consistency of shape and colour of Limestone mean that it can complement any outdoor space.

Brick or Block Feature Walls

With the variety of colour and texture available, bricks are a versatile material to use for your feature wall and the natural variation in brick can add a ‘one of a kind’ look too. Brick is weatherproof, low maintenance and will last a lifetime.

Modular Feature Walls

Quick to install and consistent in quality, Modular Walls are also effective at reducing the amount of noise entering your property when used as a boundary wall. Modular Walls are available in colours and shapes to suit any space.

Timber Feature Walls

Timber feature walls effortlessly keep with the natural appeal of a garden space. This classic material will look at home in both traditional and contemporary gardens.

Our expert team will arrange a consultation with you and a site visit to take measurements, get a visual understanding of what is required to make it work and ensure you have the right infrastructure such as reticulation/irrigation and planning approvals where required.

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