Landscaping Rock Garderns

Not Your Gramma’s Rockery: Modern Rock Garden Design

Landscaping with Rocks:

Garden rockeries have long captured the public imagination, but the classic tumble of pale grey rocks with a water feature and a few succulents or alpine natives growing amongst them is beginning to look a bit dated.

If you’d like to experiment with a rock garden design in your garden without running the risk of it coming across as your mother’s, read on!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this style while still keeping it modern and making it truly your own.

Play around with shape, size and colour.

One of the reasons decorative rocks are such a great way to set off a garden is that there’s a massive variety in what’s available–meaning there’s no reason at all for you to stick to the classic alpine style. Look around for desert rocks in orange hues, dark brown sandstone-coloured rocks or deep slate-grey hues; there are plenty of options out there.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that you have as much size and shape variation as possible in the rocks that you choose. If you have a local garden centre, it’s worth buying your rocks in person rather than ordering them online for delivery–that way you can select each one yourself, and mix it up as much as the selection allows.

Variation like this will help your rock garden to look like something well planned and beautifully thought out, rather than an identikit rockery you could find anywhere!

If you go for a water feature, make it truly spectacular.

Water features are traditional additions to rockeries, and there’s no need to eschew them just because you’re trying for something a bit different. The trick is to go for something innovative; try one that’s larger than most, or group several in a cluster to turn your whole rockery into a stunning waterfall display.

Try out a few less-travelled themes.

Alpine and desert themes are de rigeur for rockeries, so why not come up with something a little different? Look to Japanese rock gardens for inspiration and craft a delicate space with bamboo and long, thin elegant leaves, or opt instead for a magical fairy circle complete with multi-coloured flowers and plenty of moss.

Whatever your style, there’s a rock garden to fit it–all without needing to resort to the themes you’ve seen a hundred times before!

Use your rockery to distract and style your garden landscape.

All gardens have features you love and awkward places you’re not sure what to do with. If you have a spot in your garden you’ve never been able to figure out–an awkwardly-elevated slope, for example, or a corner of lawn that’s so overshadowed your grass keeps dying–why not pick there to construct your rockery?

That way it will be doing a specific job for your overall garden landscape, and you won’t have to worry any longer about what to do there. Many rockery plants are particularly hardy–and rocks and water features can go anywhere–so those awkward patches will be a thing of the past!

A rockery could be just what you’ve been looking for to really pull your garden together. Try experimenting with new and different ways of designing your rockery for maximum impact, and you could be surprised by just what a difference it can make.

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